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He was awesome in helping me learn to cope with what life had given me. It took five visits before he was even able to dig deep enough to just be able to identify where my life hit a big fork in the road. This is where my life took the very difficult and bumpy road. I was in a major state of depression. With the help and special attention that I received from Mike, I am now better able to take my life in a better direction!

Karen E.

Karen E.    November 12, 2013  

I have gone through the Inspired Life Weekend Focal Quest Seminar and have worked with Mike as a training assistant in the seminar. What a most outstanding experience that seminar is. The most powerful, life-changing experience I have been involved in. In addition to the seminars, Mike and I have worked a great deal on life coaching. Mike really knows his expertise and understands life's issues. He has the ability to explain things in a way most people don't understand and then show you how to take steps to correct your thinking process to get the desired results. Mike is a true professional and I would highly recommend his Focus Seminars and Life Coaching training to anyone who wants to have a better understanding of oneself.

Ralph D.    October 17, 2013  

I just want to say thank you for Focus...my dear Grandma passed away yesterday, and as sad as I am...I would be a hysteric mess had I not went to focus...it made me realize some of my issues that came out when I thought about my Dad's death and made me cling to dear Grandma even more...her house was my happy place, but Focus made me realize and separate things so that I know what is love of my Grandma, and what was family garbage and abandonment issues that made me cling...and I put those to rest somewhat...not gonna say I am not going to miss her dearly, but I am able to grieve for her without the other garbage because I left that in the junkyard. So very glad we spent our vacation money last year attending Focus...certainly helps when the tough times hit home!

Debra Orick Swiney    November 15, 2012  

Sadly, I am ending a 25 yr. marriage. I began working with Michael who encouraged me things would get better. He knew this because his expert methodical plan works. First, an assessment, next, carefully guided conversations with tasks to complete. This is an interactive method not just a "venting". Finally, one becomes clear about the path to choose to keep congruent. In other words, your mind is aligned with your heart then, your gut. You may ask what difference that makes. From my perspective, I see that Michael assisted me to get light years ahead to go from damaged to dynamic. Now, you can gripe, complain and, wring your hands for ages or you can get to work with Michael guiding expertly to the fast track of living life fully. It's your life so "get jiggy with it"

Thanks Michael, you're the real deal

Seasons M.    April 13, 2011