What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching has gained considerable attention over the last ten years. Historically it seemed that only the rich and famous could ever afford it. Celebrities and sports figures are often quoted talking about the breakthroughs they've experienced with the guidance of a life coach. Executive coaching has been available to corporate America for over forty years, with emphasis on new, revolutionary strategies that enhance performance and escalate processes and training for those seeking life coaching or life coaching certification.

The life coaching practice is designed to challenge and guide leaders throughout the search for emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual breakthroughs. CGG has divided its coaching process into two main areas: success and significance. It is possible to experience success and still not feel significant. This is why a significance coach is concerned about the value and fulfillment of the total person. Success is a by-product of significance.

Why do individuals need a personal coach?

Simply stated: There is more to life! Busy schedules create stress and fatigue that often weigh heavily upon a person's personal being, family, and business. In the midst of striving for success, life has a way of getting out of balance. In an attempt to find satisfaction, relationships suffer.  Most leaders want to ascend to a new level and experience breakthroughs. Our significance coaching process will identify blind spots and imbalances that can - and will - prevent a joyful and fulfilling life. This well-known quote says it perfectly, "You cannot heal or change what you do not acknowledge."

The personal coaching process will help you discover:

  • Temptations leaders must conquer
  • Why your belief system dictates your behaviors
  • Foundation blocks of a trusting organization
  • Why change is vital to growth
  • What it means to be a mentor
  • How entrepreneurs think and act
  • How to reclaim your power
  • Your endorphin zone
  • The difference between happiness and joy
  • The three blocks that keep us imbalanced
  • How to champion yourself
  • Why in the world you're here

Coaching Sessions:

After your initial free consultation, sessions will be designed and a game plan developed to accomplish your specific goals. Multiple billing options are available. Please contact Michael for details.


  • Last for one hour each week
  • Fit into your schedule and time table
  • Include access to Michael for questions, support and help throughout the week