strengerthefearofinsignificance1I recall an event six-years ago this month that has made a profound change in my life and the way I understand the world around me.  A visit to my chiropractor ended with an invitation to a networking event in Kimmswick, MO, which I cheerfully accepted.  I had never attended a networking event and was tentative about the ordeal, but was told that I could share a bit about my business.  I took brochures and business cards, and nervously stepped into the room, taking care to listen more than talk.  I recall the president of the group as he led the meeting, and the vice-president, a large man whose presence caused me to shrink in my seat.  The group accepted me with open arms, yet I was acutely aware of my own nervousness.  I joined the group, hoping the time would soon arrive when I felt more comfortable in the surroundings.  The next week, I invited my life coach to attend the group with me as a guest.

I had just begun my voyage through my first encounter with my coach and as I look back, I see evidence of the feelings of insignificance that haunted me.  Me; Insignificant?  Yes, it is a wonder that I managed to land a job with the largest beer manufacturer in the world and hold onto it for 28-years.  Yet, I was considered a successful person, having a resume that anyone would love to hold.  I had acquired a BSBA at UMSL, had participated in workgroups around the U.S., spoken in front of the vice-president of the company in board meetings, written countless standard operating procedures for the facility where I worked, and even helped create a 107-minute training video in which I was the primary trainer; but, I’d not been in business on my own.  This was entirely different; I had no clue where my life would go.  I felt like I was floating, having turned away the past and looking for a new future.

In the years since, I’ve discovered many things.  I finished my Master’s after starting my own coaching business, and I’m finding my way among the sea of people otherwise known as entrepreneurs.   I feel great!  Life has a way of changing us; if we’re not changing, we are going backward, we are not standing still.  Disagree?  Do you still have a rotary dial phone?

How do you deal with your emotions?  How does finding yourself in a new paradigm affect your nerves?  Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?  Can you look in the mirror and study the face of the one looking back at you without breaking eye contact?

Life Coaching can help you break through barriers that are caused by blind spots in your life.  We don’t know what we don’t know and we don’t know that we don’t know.  We don’t see life as it is, we see life as we are.  Consider the options…  Cover your feelings of insignificance with the purchase of a new toy, a trip to Maui, a few buffets with trips to the casino, or maybe alcohol or drugs are your soup du jour.  I’m offering an option that will give you tools that can be utilized for the rest of your life to gain the happiness you’ve long sought, tools guaranteed to create magnetism between you and those in your circle of influence.  Let me know when you’re ready.  I’m anxious to help you get started on a new path.