Looking For Truth?

I read a quote the other day that is a little off base. The quote read: “If you’re looking for truth, don’t look within yourself; you’re the one who is confused.”

While on the surface, this quote seems to make sense, the fact is, one’s conscience bears witness to God’s law that is written on our hearts at birth (see Romans 2:15). It is not until our conscience is seared or cauterized that we become hardened to the truth.

The cauterized part becomes rigid and hard, and is dead to sensibility. So it is with the conscience of those referred to; it has the same relation to a conscience that is sensitive and quick in its decisions, as a cauterized part of the body has to a thin, delicate, and sensitive skin. Such a conscience exists in a mind that will practice delusion without concern; that will carry on a vast system of fraud without wincing; that will incarcerate, scourge, or burn the innocent without compassion; and that will practice gross enormities, and indulge in sensual gratifications under the mask of godliness.

In other words, the truth is there, the person is just unable to access it due to hardened feelings, thoughts, and beliefs; those things that are stored in our subconscious; where our conscience lies.

Emotional Wisdom training using Core Alignment Coaching techniques can access the truth from a person’s unconscious with permission of the subconscious. The unconscious is our spirit, the all-knowing part of us; everything thing that we have ever experienced carefully stored for access from the beginning of our creation until now. Without using the unconscious mind, we would not be able to live like we do, or do what we do. Our unconscious allows us to accomplish tasks, such as drive a car, without having to tune into every minute detail of the experience. Without the unconscious, our conscious mind would quickly overload and not function as it is meant to.

Want to know the truth? With coaching, you can access your unconscious mind; the truth is stored there.