From Ordinary to Extraordinary

In October of 2008 I had the great fortune of being encouraged to attend a two-weekend experiential seminar that I was less than anxious to participate in. Because I trusted the person who sponsored me into the event, I went along, even though I had attended several seminars in various states prior to this one. I had no idea what to expect, and quickly found myself along for the ride of my life.

I recall several facets of the event that struck me as extraordinary. There were no tables and nothing to write on or with. Those of us in the training were asked to forgo the usual vices normally associated with business meetings, such as smoking and drinking during the event, and cell phones were off limits during the training segments. We had frequent breaks that allowed us outside contact, but leaving the training for any length of time was discouraged. There was a definite structure to this event that was unique, yet it was accepted by all and the weekend began.

The chairs were arranged in a semi-circle with the trainer in the center. At times we would enter the room to find the chairs set up in groups of five, and at other times arranged in a dyad; we worked on ourselves. The room of strangers moved from a number of untrusting souls to a unified group in three days. I recalled my most pleasant memories from childhood through adulthood, listened as those in my group explained their life struggles, and discovered more about myself in three days than I’d learned in the previous 57 years. I uncovered the reasons for my dissatisfaction with my job, and found a new passion to help other people. I wanted more, and I jumped into the process with both feet.

What does it take to move from ordinary to extraordinary? What are you pretending not to know? Each of us is whole, perfect, creative, and resourceful, making the best decisions we can with the information we currently have. So, what is it that you need to get out of the emotional soup that you find yourself in? This event can change your life.


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