A Message from Michael:

What is it that keeps us from being satisfied with our lives?  How effective have the self-help books been to alleviate the pain, fear, guilt, and shame in my life?

What do you normally spend money on to create happiness? How's that working? Has it had a long-lasting effect?

How much is enough? Is the stress of everyday life causing problems with your relationships? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of feeling like your life is spinning out of control? Ever thought of hiring a life coach?

The Life Coaching process can be broken down into three main areas:

  1. Coaching will answer the question: What is emotionally causing me to continue to do what I'm doing?
  2. Coaching will help you to discover new tools to change a self destructive or defeating attitude.
  3. Coaching will identify who you really are as a man or woman AND we will identify specific visions and missions for you and your life overall, in your business world, and in your key relationships.

Your Coach will do all of this walking side by side together on your journey, complete with no judgements on past decisions or future ideas.

Are you interested in becoming more than you ever thought possible, experiencing internal peace and satisfaction in your life? Give me a call; we'll meet at a convenient location to discuss next steps.

-Mike Elfrank

Whether you'd like to improve your marriage, advance your career or increase your enjoyment of life, an Emotional Wisdom Specialist may be just what you need. Focal Quest Life Coaching helps people move from "OK" to "exceptional."

Contact us to learn more about this practical and personalized service tailored to your life and needs. We offer No Obligation Evaluations so that you can see what it's like and decide for yourself.